Jamie set up Clear Environmental Consultants in 2003, with two business partners, Andrew Clements and David De Rosa. Clear was an environmental consultancy business specialising in Hydraulic Modelling and Jamie was a big driving force behind the successful growth of the business to 90 staff by the time the business was bought by the RPS Group in 2014.

Jamie was the public face of the Clear business; he was excellent at standing in front of his peers giving technical presentations, clearly demonstrating his knowledge and love for the industry. Through his hard work and dedication, he became a figurehead within the world of urban drainage, someone that many of us within RPS and across the urban drainage industry respected and looked up to.


Jamie set an inspirational example of a leader that goes above and beyond to achieve their goals with an insuppressible work ethic, which was always switched on. He inspired the next generation of drainage professionals to ‘get involved’ by setting up a junior UDG committee and encouraged junior staff members within RPS to present at conferences, take on more responsibility and to take pride in the quality of their work.

Mind Your Step has been established to remember Jamie; all the lessons he taught us, all the memories we shared with him and the legacy he left behind. We’d love anyone who knew him to help support us in these events and to raise some money for a great charity.

Jamie Conference